Collaborative Health Communities

A central initiative of the SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare is Collaborative Health Communities (CHC). This work is an investment in rural communities, giving them the space to ask themselves “what if” and “how can.” What if a community member could obtain services and resources that meet all their needs through just one connection? How can we remove barriers to services that prevent people from receiving the support they need? Pilot initiatives are already underway in the Lakelands and PeeDee regions to explore these possibilities and develop practical solutions.


SC Regions

CHC is based on national models for community-based care that addresses both a person’s healthcare and health-related social needs through a coordinated, planned system of care rather than the fragmented and unnavigable silos that currently exist in many communities. CHC supports rural communities in South Carolina in collectively developing a linked network of health care and social service providers who will be accountable to each other and their communities. This network will have shared priorities that are aligned with community needs and resources to address health inequities and improve health outcomes for community residents.

The Model

Local steering committees representing diverse perspectives establish collective priorities and goals using local data. Network partners work together to align strategies and supports. Continued collaboration is fueled by shared learning and exploring opportunities for action.

Network partners coordinate screening and referrals related to individuals' health and health-related social needs. Meaningful coordination and social support are provided to individuals to improve local system navigation.

Mutual accountability for action and outcomes is built among network partners. The network works collaboratively to build collective capacity and identify opportunities to address gaps in their local systems.

We encourage you to check back for updates as this initiative progresses!