Rural Practitioner and Practice Enhancement Grants

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Rural practices face unique challenges in enhancing office operations or recruiting staff with specific skills. To help practices meet these challenges, the center collaborates with the S.C. Office of Rural Health to administer micro-grants that can be used for infrastructure (ex. computers, software, system interfaces) or for physician, practitioner or staff development.

Program Information

The Rural Enhancement Grant program is managed by the SC Office of Rural Health. This funding opportunity is for rural health providers to advance their practices through modern technology including computers, information technology (IT) updates, educational materials, training, and/or portable medical devices.

This grant opportunity has been expanded to support practice needs related to COVID-19.  

Applications must include a description of items in which the funding will be utilized. Examples of items can include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Computers - Examples: desktops and laptops 

  • Information Technology - Examples: software to include Microsoft office and risk assessment tools  

  • Portable Medical Devices - Examples: remote patient monitoring, blood pressure machines, pulse oximeter, vital signs machines, etc. 

  • Educational Materials and Training - Examples: PCMH-CCE Continuing Education, Lean Six Sigma Training, IHI Improvement Coach  

  • COVID-19 Response – Examples: PPE, supplies, signage, plexiglass dividers, staff training, telehealth upgrades, EHR modifications, equipment


Application Information

The 2022 Request for Applications has now closed. Please check back in spring 2023!

For questions about eligibility and more information about this funding opportunity please contact LaRonda Johnson at  

Funding Criteria and Timeline

  • Eligible Applicants: Rural providers  

  • Application Deadline: June 8, 2022 

  • Award Notification: June 15, 2022 (anticipated date)  

  • Funding Award: Awardees will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 per organization  

Twenty-four rural enhancement grants were funded by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health with SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare in 2023.


Practice Award Used For
MUSC RHC Primary Care NARHC Conference, travel, hotel
Coastal Plains Primary Care Education, computers
Fairfield Medical Association Desktop work stations
Blythewood Medical Association Desktop work stations, spirometer 
North Augusta Pediatrics Desktop computer, laptops
ICNA Relief USA Shifa Free Clinic Desktop computer, iPad, iPad cover, home BP monitor, glucometer with supplies
ChildSmiles Dental  Laptop, printer, toner 
Cherokee Community Care  Laptop stand, laptop, PC
Tri-County Pediatrics PCMH reporting modules
F Marion Dwight Md Pa HPs, Office suite home and business licenses
Angel Oak Family Medicine Improvement coach professional development program
Abbeville Area Healthcare Center  Orchard Software Laboratory Software
Due West Family Medicine Orchard Software Laboratory Software, scanner, accessories 
Family Medicine Associates  Generator, BP pulse oximeters, iPads
Lake City Family Medicine BP pulse oximeters, iPads
Allendale County Hospital Dragon Medical Annual Subscriptions, headsets, iPads, implementation and training
Emmanual Family AED, crash cart, printer
Family Healthcare North Saluda EKG machine
Family Healthcare South Saluda  EKG machine
Edgefield Medical Center Vaccine refrigerator, pharmacy freezer 
FHC Newberry  Cardiology stethoscopes, laser printer 
Pediatric Associates of Kershaw County Computers, phones, phone systems 
Prisma Health Advanced Family Medicine Vital machine, stand 
Shop Her Closet Outreach Community Center Laptops, desktop computers, printer, headphones, copier paper

Twenty-four rural enhancement grants were funded by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health with SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare in 2022.

Practice Award Used For
Counseling Services of Lancaster Cameras and computers
Family Medicine Associates Laptops
RMC Primary Care Holly Hill Retinal camera
Eastern Carolina Pediatric Associates Laptop, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, stethoscopes
Sycamore Health Scale, no-contact body temperature thermometer
Blythewood Medical DM eye machine, desktops computers
Coastal Plains Vital machine, computers, pulse oximeter
Edgefield Medical Vital machine
Emmanuel Family Printer, laptop, IT support
Fairfield Medical Laptop, spirometer, desktop computer
Family Healthcare Newberry EKG machine and cart
Family Healthcare South Saluda Vital sign machine
Healthwise Family NARHC conference travel
Union Medical Center Palm vein
F. Marion Dwight Computer and monitor
FHC North Saluda Vital machine
Abbeville Area Healthcare Laptops, wheelchair
Due West Laptops, wheelchair
Walterboro Adult and Pediatrics EKG machine, computers
N Augusta Pediatrics Scanners, computers
Lake City Family Medicine Laptops
Lovelace Laptop, scan snap, Microsoft Teams access
Angel Oak Hard drive
Primary Care Of Union Vital sign machine


In 2021, 24 rural enhancement grants were funded by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health with SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare. This year, in addition to providing funding for rural practices to acquire new technology and training, funds were also made available to support practice needs related to COVID-19.

Practice Award Used For
Lake City Family Medicine Laptops, Remote patient monitoring
Cherokee Community Care Vital Sign Monitor, HbA1C Analyzer
Angel Oak Family Medicine Vital Sign Monitor, Gloves, Fax Machine, etc.
Edisto Regional Health Services Testing kits
Cherokee Medical Center Portable Digital Scale, Refrigerator
Fairfield/Blythewood Medical Assoc HEDIS Module, E-Clinical Works Bundle
F.Marion Dwight MD PA Manual Blood Pressure Cuffs, Laptops
Allendale County Hospital Vital Sign Machine Monitor
Coastal Plains Primary Care Umbilical Cord calm remover, Pediartic BP Cuffs
Edgefield Medical Center EKG Machine
Counseling Services of Lancaster WiFi Upgrades, Fiber Cabling, New Phone System
Walterboro Adult & Pediatric Vital Sign Equipment
Carolina Medical Associates / Laffitte & Warren Lancing Device, Digital BP Cuffs
McLeod Family Medicine Computers
Lovelace Family Medicine Laptops
Prisma Health-Seneca Medial Associates BP Monitors, Supplies
Riverside Pediatrics Laptops, Printers, BP Cuffs
Palmetto Medical Care, LLC Vital Sign Monitor, Bariatric Chair
Prisma Health - Wallhalla Blood Glucose Monitors, HbA1C Analyzer
Due West Family Medicine Vital Sign Monitor, Laptops
Union Medical Center BP Pulse Rate Unit, iPads, Exam Bed Repairs
John A. Martin Primary Upgrades for Computer System, Monitors
Healthwise Family Practice Desktop Computers, Printer
Abbeville Area Healthcare Center BP Monitor, Home Hypertension Program


In 2019, thirty mini-grants for technology were funded by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health with SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare. This funding opportunity awarded rural health providers to advance their practices through modern technology, including computers, information technology (IT) updates, educational materials, training, and/or portable medical devices.

Practice Award used for Impact of Award
Angel Oak Family Medicine Computers and software "The purchased of the computers  with software to replace our old ones elevated our worries of losing our records and data if the system breaks."
HealthWise Family Practice EHR training "This training will help us better understand and utilize our EHR system.  Our office will benefit by being able to use the system more proficiently."
Primary Care of Union Computers, vital sign machines, pulse oximeters, pediatric thermometer, prescription printer "We open our practice in August 2018 and now are providing care for over 900 patients.  The computers, and portable medical devices allows for fast response to any medical needs so that patients do not have to go elsewhere for care."
Singleton Health Center Travel to workshops "Educational material and training (including workshops/webinars) will keep the practice current, knowledgeable and compliant of any NCQA changes or requirements, PCMH goals and qualifications."
Bamberg Family Medicine Vital sign machine with stand, digital wheelchair scale "This grant was very helpful in assisting our practice in obtaining additional medical equipment to better our care and services to our patients. The wheelchair scale allows us to obtain weights on patients that are wheelchair bound."
Family Healthcare-Newberry Dynomap, scanners  "The scanners allows test results, insurance cards, etc., to be scanned into the EMR.  This is essential for patient care.  The dynomap allows for accurate blood pressure readings for the patients and allows us to see them in a more timely manner."
Family Medicine Associates-Kingstree Vital sign monitor, EKG machine, laptops "The vital sign monitor improves work flow for patient care. The EKG machine monitor patient's heart."
Lake City Family Medicine Laptops, portable medical devices, education materials "The vital signs monitor allows us to obtain the patient's BP, pulse, heart rate and oxygen level.  It helps improve work flow for the staff and patients."
Pee Dee Family Practice Phones and installation  "The phone line and phones for patient care area helps prevent delay of patient care/calls."
Volunteers in Medicine-Hilton Head Dragon Medical Practice Edition "The Dragon transcribers allows our clinicians to securely capture the patients' story more naturally, and efficiently to speed productivity and ensure accuracy."
Landrum Family HealthCare Computer, printer, scanner, conference attendance "The new office equipment will ensure that we continue to maintain patient charting and update financial information. The funding will help us improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. The conference will help us to learn new information and technology about patient care."
Fairfield Medical Associates Large TV, computers, educational materials "Using the TV for staff training to be more efficient to take care of the patients."
Blythewood Medical Associates Computers, 24 hr. BP monitors with software, educational materials "The purchases allows us to be more efficient in capturing data from our EMR.  The portable medical devices improve the quality of care given to our patients and to be more efficient in taken care of our patients."
LIFE Clinic Computers "The computers will be use for providers to document in the EMR EPIC."
Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County Software "Evidence based software which assist with clinical decision and e-scribing links the clinic's EMR software to allow for electronic prescriptions."
Carolina Medical Associates and Laffitte & Warren Medical Center Computers, scanners "We need to update all of our equipment including computers and scanners.  The  equipment we have are old. The new equipment improves the office efficiency."
AnMed Health Cannon Eastside  Family Practice and Cannon Liberty Family Practice Computers "The impact of the purchase of new computers would be immediate, as the constant interruptions in patient care processes would immediately decrease.  Updated Windows and Microsoft platforms will improve efficiency and facilitate options for providing user-friendly educational materials to patients and providers."
Williamsburg Regional Health Center HP laser jet printer, vital sign machine with mobile stand "The vital signs replaced the old ones which one was non repairable and the other was end of the life.  The printer is used for printing confidential information for staff and patient families. The equipment is needed to serve our patients in this county."
Coastal Plains Primary Care Computer, scanners, vital sign machines, digital handrail scale, scanners "The updated vital sign machines ensure accurate vital sign readings. The scanners and computer assist in maintaining patient records and improving patient flow. The digital handrail scale provide additional support for the elderly patients."
McLeod Health Cheraw Vital sign machines and glucometers "This grant has been helpful in supporting our efforts to go out in the communities we serve to offer screenings and health education."
John A. Martin Primary Healthcare Center Vital sign machines, thermometers, pulse oximeter machines "This funding was extremely helpful for a small rural practice like our with limited funds.  These portable medical devices are very valuable in streamlining patient care."
Lovelace Family Medicine Lab interface "Immediate access to lab and testing results is crucial to the successful management of our patient's health."
Health Care Partners of SC Computers "The purchase of the Intel Core-i7 and Solid State drive will allow us to be much more productive (faster and responsive technology) and efficient in caring for our patients which in turn will improve the patient experience and patient satisfaction."
Family Medicine Walhalla pediatric pulse oximeter, EKG Machine "All five of our providers are seeing newborn and pediatric patients, along with adult patients.  As this time we don not have a newborn/pediatric pulse oximeter. This piece of equipment is vital in our office, helping to prevent the need for the patientto go to the hospital when there is a concern of oxygen levels.  The EKG machine works directly with our EPIC software and we are able to share the results immediately when we consult other providers or cardiologist."
The HealthCare Place at Bethune Computers, Vital sign machine "The computers will be used to increase our speed capabilities.  The portable medical devices allows us to be more mobile and make more home visits."
St. James-Santee Family Health Center Desk top computers "The desktop computers will be utilized by the clinical and administrative departments to improve efficiency and decrease interruption of patient flow and care."
Edisto Regional Health Center Computers and educational materials "Education materials will be a certification program for RN Care Coordinators to get CDE. The laptops will be for the physicians to use."
Sycamore Health Center Computers, scanners, software, educational materials, telephone system with software and warranty "Items purchased are to improve our ability to communicate and care for our patients and community."
La Clinic Gratis/ The Free Clinic of Community Initiatives Telehealth equipment  "Telehealth equipment  will be used for mobile presentations and sharing of health information in the five counties served by our medical clinic."
Little River Medical Center Cholesterol analyzer, cholesterol test strips, chemistry controls, glucose strip testing, natural bug repellant "This funding is a great opportunity to provide cholesterol and glucose screenings for agricultural workers in Horry County. Free blood pressure checks, cholesterol and glucose screenings can provide the incentive needed for agricultural workers to seek  preventive and primary care."