Healthcare Provider Resources

Practice Support

SCORH Center for Practice Transformation
Helps rural practices implement best practices for patient care and maximize opportunities for reimbursement.


PCC -   Telehealth Equipment, Training, and Technical Support
Equipment sourcing, installation and training, support and maintenance, and other solutions to help rural practices implement telehealth programs. 


SCORH Revolving Loan Funds
Low-interest loans to rural healthcare providers and practices who need to make capital improvements to continue providing modern, appropriate care. 


SCTA -   Telehealth Billing and Reimbursement
Guide to basic insurance information and definitions used to determine which services are covered by South Carolina insurance payers, according to provider type, patient location and CPT service code.


SCORH Workforce Recruitment and Retention
Matching medical professionals with opportunities to serve rural communities and to help rural practices retain talented professionals. 


Provider Support

SC AHEC -   Rural Incentive Grants
Provides financial incentives to qualified healthcare providers who contract to practice in rural and underserved areas for up to 4 years.


Correction Healthcare
Tools and resources for healthcare providers working in prisons, jails, and in the community with system-involved persons.


Burnout Resources for Rural Providers
Resources and information for rural healthcare providers experiencing burnout.


SC AHEC -   Rural Dentist Loan Repayment Program
Provides educational loan repayment for dental providers who contract to practice in rural and underserved areas or serve as faculty at the MUSC College of Dental Medicine.


Rural Health Workforce Innovations Online Modules
Online modules that focus on specific topics relating to rural health practice issues and skills.


SC AHEC -   Continuing Professional Development
Provides practicing healthcare professionals with continuing education seminars, workshops, lectures, and telecasts.


Vaccine Hesitancy CME
Provides modules designed to increase the comfort level of healthcare providers to have conversations with their patients about vaccine hesitancy with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Telementoring & Echo Programs

Telementoring, such as project ECHO, brings together specialist teams and primary care physicians in rural and urban communities through virtual conference platforms. These programs help health care providers learn about diseases, conditions and/or processes from experts, and provide specialized care to their own patients through case presentation and consultations with specialists. 

South Carolina providers have access to several Telementoring and ECHO programs.

Behavioral Health Care Manager TeleECHO

To provide ongoing support and training in brief evidence-based psychotherapies and skills required to work in the Collaborative Care model and provide care to patients receiving both mental and psychiatric services. 

Learn more about the behavioral health care manager TeleECHO.

Pregnancy Wellness in SC

Pregnancy Wellness in SC ECHO will provide telementoring support to current and future providers across the state of South Carolina. Our MFM team brings together a network of physicians and dieticians from different health systems working together to support Maternal Fetal health in SC. 

Learn more about the pregnancy wellness program.

Project ECHO for Opioid Use Disorder

SC MAT ACCESS is leveraging the ECHO model to provide telementoring support to current and future MAT providers across the state of South Carolina. Our ECHO clinics feature brief, user-driven didactic content relevant to opioid use disorders and office-based MAT, delivered by national experts in the treatment of opioid use disorders. 

Learn more about Project ECHO SC MAT Access

SC Hepatitis C Telehealth Initiative

The South Carolina Heapatitis C Telehealth Initiative offers education, training, consultative support, and patient co-management for healthcare providers interested in or providing screening, testing, staging, and treatment of HCV mono-infected and HIV/HCV co-infected patients. The initiative covers the spectrum of topics related to HCV medicine, and assists providers in navigating the complex aspects of HCV patient care management. 

Learn more about the SC Hepatitis C Telehealth Initiative.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Collaborative of South Carolina (ASC-SC)

ASC-SC is a collaborative amongst healthcare providers around the state of South Carolina with the common goal of coordinating to improve antimicrobial stewardship across South Carolina. This clinic has two target populations: ambulatory care/outpatient settings and inpatient settings (community and critical access hospitals). There will be 1 session for each target population per month, and participants will be able to receive free continuing education credits

Learn more about ASC-SC Antimicrobial Stewardship TeleECHO.