Publications and Presentations

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The research and evaluation division conducts detailed analyses of rural health care resources in South Carolina to examine the interplay of factors in health care delivery and outcomes. 

Research Briefs and Publications

Measuring Access to Obstetric Services in South Carolina


What Is Rural? Challenges And Implications Of Definitions That Inadequately Encompass Rural People And Places


What is Rural?


Through the Eyes of Rural Healthcare Providers: Pespectives of Changes to Practice Ownership and Management


Rural-Urban Trends in Number of Physicians by Type of Practice Organization


Research Presentations

Provider Distance and Adverse Birth Outcomes in teen Pregnancies in South Carolina


Trends in Telehealth and Remote Monitoring System Adoption across Hospitals in the United States


The Association of a Rural Hospital Closure with 30-Day Post Hospital Discharge mortality from Selected Conditions


Recent Trends in Children's Healthcare: Coverage and Oral Health Outcomes


Home & Guns: Rural-Urban Differences in Firearm Storage